Health Hazards

The Health Hazard With Water Damage

Water damage is an important issue which every house hold owner needs to address to in a timely and regular manner. Water damage not only causes loss of property and commodities, but loss of health too. During a water damage attack, one needs to ensure to hire a water damage restoration committee or firm to mitigate all the damages as soon as possible and prevent further loss. Water restoration is the technique used to restore any property or house hold back to its pre-loss state after it has sustained any level of damage due to water. This technique or process is based on reliable restoration methods, research, principles and practical examples with in depth information which has been gathered from several sources.

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Water Damage Restoration

These water damage restoration services begin with the inspection of the areas that have been affected with equipment which specializes in sensing water damage. Probes and infrared tools are used to find the sources of the damage and its extent of damage in the area. Only once a thorough inspection has been done, the restoration services are rendered which firstly dry the entire house or office, sanitize all the affected and cross contaminated areas. Next the entire area is deodorized to remove all foul smells caused due to stagnant water and decay of material. Next the committee or the professionals rendering these services bring in the air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, air movers, floor drying systems, sub floor drying equipment, etc., to the affected area. One this process is completed in a period of three to four days, a re-evaluation procedure is done in order to check and monitor the drying process and also to check if the service of any other equipment is required to curb the damage caused.

It is of prime importance that one follows these procedures in a detailed manner to prevent further loss and health hazards. Extreme moisture build-up causes growth of fungi and mold which increment the risk of serious health issues. Exposure to mold can aggravate several allergies, symptoms related to asthma, wheezing, etc. People with compromised immune systems and children are mostly at risk. Cleaning up the damage immediately helps mitigate these health disorders or water damage; not only in your home, but also in the community. Stagnant water build up also causes several parasites to build up and cause diseases like malaria, filariasis, etc. which are not easily treatable and cause considerable damage to the health.

Some home makers, owners, building maintenance officials, etc. use their own people to perform these water damage inspections and reformations, which is strictly not advisable.  It has been prescribed to hire a water restoration professional to assess the type and level of damage that is caused, the root cause of the damage and the simplest and most efficient way to curb these damages without leading to further loss of property and health. There is no point in performing the restoration processes ourselves as neither do we have all the required equipment for drying and cleaning up; nor are we fully aware of all the principles and procedures one needs to follow while performing these tasks. There is a high possibility of one missing out important details during the initial inspection itself, which could further delay the restoration and in turn cost you more. Instead of going through all these hurdles, one has to proactively call the restoration experts in case of a calamity and ensure all the procedures are followed extensively and the monitoring of restoration process is done in a detailed manner. Thus ensuring that the entire damage caused by the source is completely mitigated.