Confederation Centre Of The Arts

All You Need To Know About Confederation Centre Of The Arts

The Confederation Centre of the Arts based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island is a cultural centre committed to showcasing the best of Canada’s visual and performing arts. Officially opened in October 1964, the centre is funded by the federal government as Canada’s Memorial to the Fathers of Confederation who first met in the city in 1864 and by the ten provincial governments of Canada. One of the centre’s mandates is to provide a platform where the best of Canada’s visual and performing arts are showcased. Since 1965, the centre has hosted the Charlottetown Festival every summer.


The Confederation Centre of the Arts building is a massive complex that sits in the heart Charlottetown that may seem quite intimidating at first glance. As big as a full city block, the centre’s architecture and four large sandstone cubes make it one of the most imposing buildings in the city. However, once you step onto the property, you quickly sense a people-friendly atmosphere that permeates all through it.

The centre was constructed on Queen’s Square right at the centre of Charlottetown’s central business district and is to the west of Province House. This is where the first Charlottetown conference was held. The institution is one attached structure, though at street level it looks like three separate buildings. The building hosts an art gallery, a public library, and a theatre – which are all bundled around Memorial Hall. The Confederation Chamber, which is where the first conference meetings took place, is situated on the western side of the building.

Despite its unique and imposing stature, the Confederation Centre of the Arts is more than just an arts centre. Not only do visitors get to enjoy visual and performing arts live, but they also get to enjoy ice cream and live brass quintets or can crowd the amphitheatre and enjoy a rousing noontime show performed by groups of young artists and a culture buff of public artworks.

The Confederation Centre of the Arts’ Art Gallery hosts many travelling exhibits and some of its own permanent collections. The centre’s public library is run by the provincial library system and is the city’s principal library. The centre’s restaurant, known as Mavor’s Bistro and Bar, is situated right off the main lobby and serves a Starbucks menu and hosts a wide variety of wines. The Confederation Centre of the Arts’ Mainstage theatre is the largest mainstage theatre east of Montreal.

As a visual and performing arts centre, the Conference Centre of the Arts’ mandate is to inspire the residents of Canada through arts and heritage to celebrate the origin and growth of Canada as a nation. Its vision is to be the leading cultural centre in Canada – a centre that inspires dialogue, collaboration, and creativity.

The centre hosts different visual and performing arts shows all year round, giving artists and artists a chance to showcase what they have to offer. With an extensive selection of arts on offer, the best way to find out what’s scheduled to take place and when it is to take place is to visit the centre’s website for a full listing of options and shows scheduled to take place or which are currently taking place. For more information about opening times and arts on display, shows being performed, or which are scheduled to take place, visit today.

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